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UNC CHARLOTTE PROGRAM for high school students

Escrow Program for High School Students

High School students registered in the Ballet 4 level or higher in the School of Dance may apply to the UNC Charlotte Escrow Program. If accepted, students can receive 4 credit hours per semester for their training hours spent at the School of Dance, for a potential 16 hours of elective credit. The credit earned through the Escrow Program can be requested to transfer to another institution of higher learning upon high school graduation.  


  • The Escrow Program at UNC Charlotte provides an opportunity for highly qualified high school students to take college credit courses while still enrolled in secondary school. Applicants qualified for participation in this program are academically gifted and recommended by their high school principals or guidance counselors and the director of NC Dance Theatre School of Dance.
  • The director of admissions at UNC Charlotte will determine the eligibility of each applicant based on standardized test scores, (preferably PSAT, SAT, or ACT testing), high school course selection and GPA, as well as the recommendations of the school principal or guidance counselor and the Director of the NC Dance Theatre School of Dance.
  • Students need to submit a UNC Charlotte Escrow Application, one official high school transcript, official standardized test scores and a $50 application fee. Escrow students, who subsequently apply to UNC Charlotte as a freshman, will have their freshman application fee waived. Students may obtain a UNC Charlotte Escrow Application by directly emailing Tina McEntire, director of admissions. She will either send the Escrow Application directly to your email via a PDF file that you can print and complete or she will mail a paper application directly to your home. Please express your preference for delivery.  
  • Once all materials (application, transcripts, scores, recommendations, and fee) have been received by UNC Charlotte, Ms. McEntire will make a decision on the file and send a decision letter directly to the applicant’s home address, with instructions for advising and registration.  The student would then register for course: DANC 3201, which is the dance course offered in collaboration with the North Carolina Dance Theatre.  Also, Escrow students are allowed to register for other college-level courses at UNC Charlotte, as approved by the Escrow Advisor.  Please note that if a student enrolls in courses other than the courses offered at NCDT, the student must provide their own transportation to UNC Charlotte and pay for parking.
  • The University tuition and fees for the dance course, for an in-state student, is approximately $585 per semester (costs are subject to slight increases each year). Students who enroll in more than one course per semester will pay higher tuition and fees.

If you are interested in registering for advanced level ballet classes at the NC Dance Theatre School of Dance please call Katie Jenkins, Pre-Professional Division Administrator, at 704-414-2770.