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Pre-Professional Division

The Pre-Professional Division is open to students by audition only and offers intensive study in ballet, pointe, male and female variations, pas de deux, men’s technique, modern and jazz. The purpose of our Pre-Professional Program is to provide a transitional experience for dancers as they move from the academic ballet setting to the world of professional dance. It is also an opportunity to increase the stylistic range and versatility of a dancer by exposing them to a variety of dance styles in class, rehearsals and performances. Students in this Division are primarily training for professional performing careers in classical ballet or modern dance but are also encouraged to pursue their interests in teaching, choreography or arts administration.

The North Carolina Dance Theatre is known for its eclectic repertory and we are committed to preparing our dancers to be as versatile as possible not only for work with our own company but to increase their chances for employment with other dance companies. By working closely with instructors such as Patricia McBride, Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, Dwight Rhoden, Mark Diamond and Kathryn Moriarty, students benefit not only from their expertise in the studio but also from their wisdom and professional support as offered in conferences, counseling sessions and letters of reference. Not only do our students receive top training in dance, they also learn how to write a resumé and make an audition video and all students receive mentoring from our professional company members. Pre-Professional students have the opportunity to work and perform with the NC Dance Theatre main company, learn the repertoire of the second company and are considered for future employment with the Company and second company.

Please contact Katie Jenkins, Pre-Professional Division Administrator, at 704.414.2770 or kjenkins@ncdance.org with any questions or to request additional information.

Academic Options>
Auditioning & Program Eligibility>


Apprentice positions are given to the most technically advanced students. All Apprentices receive a full-tuition scholarship, and a select few are offered stipends for the year. Apprentices are the first called to Company rehearsals and to learn the repertoire of NCDT2.

Trainees have the opportunity to work and perform with NC Dance Theatre as well as with the School of Dance’s Repertory Ensemble. North Carolina Dance Theatre offers a limited number of tuition-based scholarships for Trainees.

Conservatory students have the opportunity to work and perform with NC Dance Theatre as well as with the School of Dance’s Repertory Ensemble. Some Conservatory students are asked to attend morning pre-professional class in addition to their afternoon and Saturday schedule. North Carolina Dance Theatre offers a limited number of tuition-based scholarships for Conservatory students.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Certificate in Dance
The UNC Certificate Program is perfect for the serious dancer who also wishes to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The UNC Charlotte Certificate students train in the afternoons with our pre-professional students while attending UNC Charlotte as a full-time student. Click here for more information about the UNC Charlotte Certificate in Dance.

Class Schedule

September 3, 2013 - June 8, 2014
All classes held at Patricia McBride & Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux Center for Dance.

School of Dance Calendar 2013 – 2014
Pre-Professional Dancers perform in the School of Dance Ensemble Workshop Performance, Choreography Workshop Performance, Benefit Performance, and Festival Spring Performance.

Sample Pre-Professional Division Class Schedule
Apprentice, Trainee, and Full-Day Conservatory Class Schedule>
Conservatory with Afternoon and Saturday Class Schedule>

Class Descriptions

Pre-Professional Ballet
Highest level of ballet offered with emphasis on strength, speed, artistry and technical proficiency.

Supplemental Classes
Contemporary Ballet, Composition, Repertory Class, Pointe, Variations, Pas De Deux, Men’s Technique/Variations

These classes are designed to further develop the most advanced student’s artistry and skill.

This class will offer the highest level of challenge in the modern medium and the students will be encouraged to find not only their technical best, but also a high performance level in their focus, projection and musicality.

Highest level of Jazz instruction offered, with challenging combinations, body strengthening and creative choreography.

NC Dance Theatre Repertory Ensemble
Conservatory and Trainee dancers are required to participate in the Repertory Ensemble. This most advanced level student performing company has the privilege of working with North Carolina Dance Theatre choreographer Mark Diamond on cutting edge works and other top level choreographers, including Kathryn Moriarty and NCDT dancer David Morse, to prepare for performances at the annual Regional Dance America/Southeast Regional Ballet Association festival (RDA/SERBA). The Repertory Ensemble is an honor company with RDA/SERBA. The Repertory Ensemble also participates in the School’s annual Benefit Performance at the Patricia McBride and Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux Center for Dance.

Dress Code

School of Dance dress code attire may be purchased at 25% off the retail price by calling tutu.com at 704.542.2433 or by visiting their website. Morris Costumes (4300 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC, 28205) also carries School of Dance dress code attire.

Women’s Ballet Class Attire 

Item Brand Style Color
Leotard – Monday & Thursday Mirella #MR207LM Black
Leotard – Tuesday & Friday Tutu.Com #TC401 Black w/Plum trim
Leotard – Wednesday, Saturday & Ensemble Tutu.Com #TC401NL Black w/Coral trim
Skirt Skirts are not  allowed except for variations/rehearsals
Tights Capezio #CP9C (youth sizes) Classic (ballet) Pink
Capezio #CP9 (adult sizes) Classic (ballet) Pink
Shoes Bloch #BL258G (youth sizes) Pink Leather
Bloch #BL208L (youth & adult sizes) Pink Leather
Rehearsal Tutu Tutu.Com TC9510HPAD Black

Rehearsal Tutus
All female dancers in the Pre-Professional Division of the School are required to purchase a black rehearsal tutu to be used in pas de deux and variations classes and in rehearsals as needed. These tutus should be purchased through tutu.com. A tutu bag for storage should be purchased as well. All tutus will be stored in the Company’s wardrobe department with the dancers name listed on the tutu storage bag.

Women’s Hair
Slicked back into a tightly secured bun with no loose ends. Short hair must be slicked back and held in place with a headband or tiny ponytail.

Men’s Ballet Class Attire

Item Brand Style Color
Shirt M. Stevens #MS1441 (youth sizes) White
M. Stevens #MS1442 (adult sizes) White
or Leotard M. Stevens #MS3410 (adult sizes) White (cotton)
Footed Tights M. Stevens #MS1097 (youth sizes) Black (milliskin)
M. Stevens #MS1099 (adult sizes) Black (milliskin)
Dance belt Capezio #CPN5930 Nude
Bloch #BLB3914 Nude
Shoes Bloch #BL208L, #BL208M Black Leather

Modern Class Attire
Solid colored leotard, footless black tights, or unitard, bare feet. Boys same as above, bare feet.

Jazz Class Attire
Solid colored leotard, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes, no sweatpants. Boys shirt same as ballet class attire.


  Monthly Installment*

Conservatory (Afternoon/Saturday class only)


Conservatory/Trainee Program $685
Repertory Ensemble $300

*Semi-Annual and Annual tuition payment plans also available. Please see additional information here.