Good Work!

“It was the best program they had ever attended.”

Dear NCDT,

You sent the most delightful representative, Ayisha McMillan to present a program to our organization last night!  We are an international philanthropic organization supporting women in education. Our membership has grown to over 6,000 chapters in North America alone, with membership increasing annually all over the world. In keeping with our tradition, we invite community leaders to bring programs and information to our meetings with the goal of further educating ourselves and improving contributions to our city, county, state and country.

Ms. McMillan held the audience's rapt attention.  She paused at one moment, and asked if she was going over in her time.  The women, hanging on her every word, immediately responded, "No!No!  Keep going!  Tell us!"  One woman added, "I could listen to you all night!"  Ms. McMillan told stories about Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux and Patricia McBride's life of dance.  She related her own experiences with Patricia and Jean-Pierre while dancing with NCDT.  Brief passages from books about which we'd never known were shared.  Rare photographs from Jean-Pierre and Patricia's personal collection were passed through the audience, including a beautiful black and white of the young, just-married couple in a horse-drawn buggy moving through the small French town's cobblestone street filled with exuberant well-wishers. Gasps arose when Ms. McMillan brought out two original dance costumes from Patricia McBride's wardrobe, worn when Patricia danced and toured with the NYC Ballet.

Ms. McMillan was thanked by so many after the program, that I was not sure she would ever make it out the door to her car!  The audience of health professionals, bank officers, college professors, etc. said in agreement that it was the best program they had ever attended.  Not only did they appreciate the content of Ms. McMillan's presentation and it's personal touch, but they added that she presented with extraordinary poise, grace and clarity. 

Only a fraction of the audience understood and appreciated, before last night, what a gift Charlotte has been given by way of Jean-Pierre and Patricia's contribution of talent, hard work, experience and dedication to North Carolina Dance Theater. We will be in touch with Ms. McMillan to plan a group outing to the ballet and my hope is that more women in our region will support this local, exceptional company and leadership.

Thank you very much for sending Ms. Ayisha McMillan, it was a true pleasure to meet her!


Elizabeth Frueh
Charlotte, N.C.